Caitlin Chu
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Let's give a quality education to 2,000 deserving Cambodian students!

Join me and help change a life (or 2,000), please give today

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Join me in supporting real change. Help us bring a quality education to 2,000 deserving Cambodian students for Global ADE

Today more than half of Cambodia's students were not able to attend secondary school because of a lack of schools and a lack of financial support. Many of these students cannot afford the basic costs of school (uniforms, pens, books) and therefore their education must stop. The mere cost of $50 can send a student to school for a year. That is just 14 cents per day.

This year as you are getting your kids, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, or yourself ready to go back to school, think about packing an additional backpack for $50. A backpack that gives all the materials a student in Cambodia needs to go back to school for another year (tuition costs, books, pens, uniforms, shoes, etc.). Do you remember the last time school supplies and back-to-school gear cost only $50?

Education is extremely important to me. Having the opportunity to receive a quality education since I was 5 years old, it is something I never thought twice about. School is fundamentally part of every child's life here in the U.S. Now think about if we were in a less developed country, such as Cambodia, school would be difficult to afford - supplies are costly, books are costly and most of all, many schools have tuition, which is nearly impossible to afford on the country's standard wage. Imagine how much you would have to work to afford a year of school for your son or daughter on a wage of $120 a month? Half of your wages are gone for just one child, most of it with two children.

Just a small donation in any amount will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Global ADE, but most importantly, it will help children who dream of becoming an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer, or a doctor when they grow up. These children are just like us and deserve the quality of education to help them achieve their dreams.