Susan Gould
Susan Gould's Fundraiser

Join us in remembering Lily Grace by naming a classroom after her at the Stephen Mazujian Middle School

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$6,950 towards $5,000

Kenny and Michelle are two of the most caring, compassionate, smart, upbeat and loving people I know. Two days before Lily Grace was born, I reached out to Michelle and told her that my sisters and I had an idea....we wanted to do something for Global ADE to remember their baby. Knowing that a traditional baby shower didn't seem right, (at this point we didn't know if Lily would make it to term or not) we thought having a collection to build or name something at one of the schools in Cambodia would be something special for Michelle and Kenny. Hence, the idea of naming a classroom for Lily Grace. Global ADE is an incredible organization that both Kenny and Michelle are very passionate about. Here is a link to learn more about Global ADE and the amazing work they do providing education to children in Cambodia. (

Please consider a donation.....we are hoping to raise up to $5000 which will provide the teacher's salary and school supplies for a classroom.

With much love, Susan Reynolds Gould (Michelle's aunt)